Born in Arizona and raised in Mexico, Yulisa has been passionate about helping her community from an early age. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Communications and a minor in Spanish, she worked at the Mexican consulate as an operator, helping to locate lost immigrants in the desert and help reconnect them to their families. Over the past few years, Yulisa has volunteered for different organizations including “Aqui se vota,” a group that encourages Latinos to vote. During this time, she had the opportunity to represent the town of Casa Grande as an election coach during the presidential election. There, her main responsibilities included educating Latinos about the voting process, managing online tools, maintaining social media and video conference platforms for outreach, and translating documentation for Spanish speakers. In her free time, Yulisa is an assistant coach for Eloy Junior High’s women’s soccer team.

Yulisa is currently the program coordinator for different programs that are committed to providing culturally responsive services, advocacy for social justice, and community empowerment. Familia Adelante educates Latino parents and children on substance abuse and mental health issues while increasing healthy development, academic success, and overall familial bond. Entre Mujeres empowers Latina high school students to recognize their self-worth, develop leadership abilities, improve self-confidence, and help them make change in their communities. Avanzado Through College (ATC) provides Latino students the skills, information, and support systems that are needed to identify student services, improve academic performance, and graduate from college.