Mateo I. Garcia-Chacon was born and raised in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Mr. Garcia-Chacon graduated from Tombstone High School and later continued his education at Arizona State University. Mateo graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Justice Studies and Business Management.

At ASU, he completed an internship with a local immigration law firm, CIMA Law Group, where he gained experience in legal research. He continued to build capacity by completing an ASU-affiliated internship conducting research on MMIW’s (Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.

Mateo I. Garcia-Chacon’s current role at Amistades is Project Coordinator for the Curando Familias Project. This program focuses on researching and understanding the effects of Covid-19 Long-Hauler Syndrome and its impact on the Latino community in Tucson, Arizona. He will be collaborating with researchers at the University of Arizona throughout this program. His goal is to see what impact Covid Long-Hauler Syndrome has on the Latino community; and what measures we need to take to address the physical, social, and socioeconomic impacts at the community level.