Joseph was born in Summit, New Jersey, and graduated from Monmouth University with a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. He has a minor in Psychology and a specialization in advanced statistics and research methods.

Joseph worked for the Lakewood Police Department in Lakewood, NJ as a crime analyst from 2000-2003. He reported directly to the chief of police and worked with senior management on various projects. Joseph was responsible for community policing and crime prevention strategies, crime mapping utilizing Geographic Information Systems, training of officers on specialized topics, grant writing, restructuring patrol zones based on crime data, and weekly CompStat presentations with command staff.

In 2003, Joseph was hired as a Special Agent with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and went to the DEA Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia. After graduating the DEA academy, Joseph was assigned to the Newark, NJ Field Division in a street level heroin task force. Joseph was then transferred to the Miami Field Division in 2004 where he was assigned to a Title-III enforcement group targeting cocaine and heroin drug trafficking organizations in South and Central America. From 2009 to 2012 he was assigned to the Miami Tactical Diversion Squad (TDS) which targeted pain clinics and the illicit distribution of opioids in South Florida. In 2012, Joseph was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent and transferred to the Phoenix Field Division, Nogales Resident Office and then to the Tucson District Office several years later. While a DEA Supervisor in Arizona, Joseph was at times Acting Resident Agent in Charge (RAC) of the Nogales Resident Office and Acting Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the Tucson District Office.

After retiring from DEA, Joseph joined Amistades, Inc. as the Project Director. Joseph has been involved with the Latino community in Tucson for years, and understands how generational trauma has impacted Latinos more than other ethnicities. He currently oversees the implementation of goals, objectives, strategies, and activities of the majority of Amistades programs. Joseph supervises three staff members in Douglas, Arizona that are assigned to Prevencion sin Fronteras and the Mayahuel Prevention Consortium-II. In Tucson, Joseph supervises five employees that are assigned to the Mayahuel Prevention Consortium, Familia Adelante, Entre Mujeres, Padres Comprometidos, Barrios Saludables, SACLAZ SOR Psychostimulant Prevention, Casa Code, Leaders in Action, Avanzando through College, and Los Jovenes. Joseph is also part of the grant writing team at Amistades and works with other staff to secure funding for these programs and new grants.