Si Se Puede

The Pinal County Latino Opioid Consortium (PCLOC) is implementing Si Se Puede as an opportunity to build comprehensive prevention, treatment and recovery infrastructure supporting the rural community of Coolidge, Arizona funded by Health Rural Services Administration. The PCLOC members – Amistades, Inc. (Project Applicant/Lead Agency); Pinal Hispanic Council (Outpatient Behavioral Health Provider); Sun Life Family Health Center (Primary Care Provider); Community Medical Services (MAT Provider); Coolidge Youth Coalition (Prevention), and City of Coolidge Police Department have worked together over the past year to identify assets and resources serving Coolidge residents and zero-in on areas where more services are needed.

Coolidge was selected as the target area because it is a HRSA-designated rural service area and is experiencing a documented and dramatic increase in SUD/OUD. There were 10 fatal opioid overdoses and 26 non-fatal opioid overdoses in 2018 - an alarming number considering there are only about 9,200 adults under age 75 in the entire community. SUD/OUD is rising in particular among young women ages 25-34 and Latino/a residents with devastating consequences. The community is witnessing higher rates of female incarceration; child removal from the home; out-of-home foster placement, and permanent family separation. At the same time, there is a rising influx of first-generation Mexican Americans who’s cultural, ethnic and language differences often prevent them from seeking treatment.

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