Prevención Sin Fronteras

Prevención Sin Fronteras is a trauma-informed substance abuse prevention program in the rural border town of Douglas, Arizona.  Led by local Latino-serving Amistades staff, the Prevención Sin Fronteras program has been implementing three evidence-based curriculums targeting youth vaping and marijuana use (including smoke, vape, wax and edibles) as methods to address factors related to low perceived risk of using these substances and the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma and toxic stress on youth substance use. Our programs will help foster attachment and resiliency by building consistently safe, stable, and secure environments for youth. Community education and awareness messaging will also address perceived risks of youth substance abuse among those caring for youth and promote healthy family attachment by providing tangible trauma-informed suggestions and resources. This project is funded through the Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family (GOYFF).

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