Xavier Teso is the Project Manager for the Razalogia Family Engagement Project. Xavier brings over twenty years of experience in working with community causes, educational and cultural events within the Chicano community. Xavier oversees the Razalogia project that integrates five unique components with a unique cultural and language strand reflecting the vibrant Chicano/Mexicano heritage present in the city of Tucson.

Xavier attributes his strong sense of identity and cultural background to his parents. Xavier is an eighth generation Tucsonan on his father’s side of the family and first generation on his mother’s side who was an immigrant from Durango, Mexico. Early in his childhood, Xavier was taught to appreciate the cultural wealth of both his Chicano and Mexicano roots as positive factors to build a solid foundation for future endeavors.

Xavier is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degrees in Mexican American Studies and Educational Leadership. His work experience ranges from coordinating large special events, organizing youth conferences and retreats to teaching social studies and administrative duties at the high school level.

Some of his proudest achievements include being a father to his young son and daughter and on a community level having served as a mentor and a teacher to hundreds of students. In his free time you can usually spot him riding the bicycle trails in the desert mountains on the outskirts of Tucson.