Niza Zamudio was born in Nogales, Arizona and raised in Rio Rico, Arizona. Growing up in a border town, she was constantly exposed to Latino culture. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Care, Health, and Society along with a minor in Public Health and Spanish. Zamudio has been working with children and youth for about 5 years. She has volunteered in assisting people with disabilities by helping them in their everyday activities and in an afterschool program helping kindergartners with their homework and tutoring as well. Zamudio has also had the opportunity to work with families by helping them improve their relationship with their youth and helping the youth maintain a healthy drug free lifestyle. At the same time, Zamudio was working with youth who were already at risk of abusing substances, and used an intervention method in order to get them to make better choices. Zamudio worked for Arizona Youth Partnership, where she helped K-8th graders with their homework, tutoring, and organized fun and educational activities as an after school team member. Later, she became the Preschool Teacher Assistant for a new program that was developed at AZYP and worked with 3-5 year old students.

Zamudio was the Youth Promotora for the Familia Adelante program at Amistades. She worked with students from Apollo Middle School ages 12-14. Once a week Zamudio met with a cohort and facilitated topics on life skills to improve the awareness of the devastating risks of behavioral issues and substance abuse. She also conducted family home visits to familiarize with the youth’s environment and see how she would be able to help their situation. Now, Zamudio is the Prevention Coach for the Health and Wellness program at Marana High School and Mountain View High School. She facilitates the “Too Good for Drugs” curriculum approximately 10 classes per week and makes herself available for the students to advise them with their personal issues. The purpose of this program is to reduce the number of students who engage in drugs and alcohol at a young age and also to teach them essential life skills they can use for their future, such as setting approachable goals, effective communication, and how to handle emotions. Also, Zamudio participates in community events and activities to help spread the word of substance abuse prevention. Because of Amistades, Zamudio is more involved in the Latino community and helps make a difference.