Niza Zamudio was born in Nogales, Arizona and raised in Rio Rico, Arizona. Growing up in a border town, she was constantly exposed to the Latino culture. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Care, Health, and Society along with a minor in Public Health and Spanish. Zamudio has done volunteer work in the community such as in Arizona Youth Partnership and Santa Cruz Training Program. She has also worked in programs such as Strengthening Families and Wake Up! which deals with youth and substance abuse prevention and intervention. At the same time, Zamudio has worked at a charter school K-7th. For a short amount of time, Zamudio volunteered at an After School Program. However, then worked in the before school program where she received students whose parents went in to work earlier in the morning before school started. Later, Zamudio began working in the After School Program and helped 3rd and 1st graders with their homework or would work one-on-one with students to help them understand. There, Zamudio organized fun activities for the students and would adapt each activity accordingly to each grade level (K-7th). After a year, Zamudio began working in the preschool with 3-5-year-old students.

Zamudio is the Youth Promotora to the Familia Adelante program. She works with students from Apollo Middle School ages 12-14. Once a week Zamudio meets with a cohort and facilitates topics on life skills to improve the awareness of the devastating risks of behavioral issues and substance abuse. She also does home visits to familiarize with the youth’s environment and be able to help their situation. Because of Amistades, Zamudio is more involved in the Latino community and helps make a difference.

Some of the things that Zamudio enjoys doing is giving out resources to help improve people’s situation. Along with that she enjoys familiarizing and exploring different cultures. She enjoys traveling and as she’s seen in Europe and Latin America the importance of diversity and of familiarizing with other people’s beliefs is extremely useful when understanding people’s behavior, actions, and ways of thinking. Zamudio also enjoys nature anything that has to do with relaxation, stress free, and adventure.