Jorge Zamora was born in Nogales, Mexico, but grew up in Tucson, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, majoring in Criminal Justice Studies and a minor in Sociology.

In his current position at Amistades, Jorge focuses on building community capacity by providing a deeper understanding of culturally appropriate trauma-informed approaches that address historical trauma and initiate healing, influencing community policy and practice to ensure a deeper collective impact for Latino Boys and Young Men of Color, and providing a new and exciting platforms for methods of youth self-expression that allows them to develop themselves bi-culturally and building competency in their respective social roles as students, young adults, family members, and members of the community.

In his previous role with Amistades, in partnership with the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, Jorge’s focus was on designing and implementing programing aimed to prevent and reduce substance abuse and HIV/HVC/STI transmission among different racial/ethnic and sexual minority youth.