Jaime was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, and migrated to Tucson, Arizona, when he was ten years old. Jaime grew up on the south side of Tucson, facing new challenges and a cultural shift. Jaime began volunteering in his community at an early age. In college, Jaime was the student body President and worked closely with advisors to help students find scholarships and succeed in their college career. He also helped students find volunteer opportunities to fulfill scholarships requirements.

Currently, Jaime is an advocate for immigration rights and an active community organizer. He is the co-chair of the Arizona Cesar E. Chavez Holiday Coalition, a group of community leaders dedicated to keeping Cesar Chavez’s legacy alive. Jaime serves as board member representing Ward 1 on the Community Police Advisory Board, a commission that oversees citizen complaints against the city police department.

In his role, Jaime acts as agency liaison between the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation and Amistades to work with youth to provide comprehensive and culturally responsive substance abuse and HIV prevention. Jaime believes that integration of culture in education services for the Latino community is a great way to build strong and healthy relationships and policies.