Alexandra Boneo is from the Douglas, AZ- Agua Prieta, Son. Border community. She has been a small business owner for the last 3 years. Blueberry Cafe is located in Douglas Az and is a community cafe serving great food and local coffee products from Chiapas, Mex.

Parallel to the private sector, she has over 15 years of experience in the Community Development and non-profit sector area as well. As a Douglas Coalition Substance Abuse coordinator, she was able to serve her border Community in a more direct way, coordinating local efforts to address Substance Abuse prevention; Underage Drinking and Prescription Drug abuse in specific by making a significant impact in the community. This has also provided her the opportunity to link and network with other grass roots organizations as well as government and non-profit organizations to collaborate and partner in almost every event happening in the community.

She currently works for Amistades Inc. as a Program Manager to the Alianza de Bienestar project. This is a Cochise County wide Opioid Planning HRSA grant that focuses on creating a Substance Use disorder/Opioid Use Disorder prevention blueprint through a core partnership consortium.

She also serves on the Legacy Foundation board and has served on over five different boards in the last five years that benefits all populations of Cochise county. Alexandra is currently a University of Arizona South working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics with an emphasis on education after her AAS degree from Cochise College on Computer Applications.