Leaders in Action

Leaders in Action is a group of teens that are actively engaged in the community. This group builds youth leadership, provides prevention education (substance abuse, STI/HIV/AIDS, suicide and incarceration), advances cultural enrichment and the makes a difference in the community. Youth meet weekly after school for life skills coaching and prevention classes. Youth 2 Youth (Y2Y), the curriculum used, develops youth skills and leadership. It is an evidence-based best practice that has been adopted by the federal government (SAMHSA). Youth 2 Youth utilizes the One Voice Empowerment Model, which contains 3 essential steps: 1) Knowledge. Students are provided with information needed to develop understanding of the problem; 2) Skills. Youth are provided with skills to take action (media and speaking skills), and 3) Action. Students are provided the opportunity to use the skills learned in the real world. Youth development is grounded in the Y2Y curriculum and supported by regular events/outings that keep youth occupied and out of trouble.

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